Hi All,

Continuing with my ‘How To Achieve’ theme, I got to thinking about other rooms in the house and where better to move to than the bedroom.  Whilst the country style kitchen from my previous post was very much a welcoming room which was the hub of the home, the bedroom is a much more personal, private space.  It’s not somewhere you would hope to get too many visitors.  However, your bedroom design is still very important as it is where you relax after a long day so the colours and design must enhance sleep and relaxation.  Comfort is definitely the main feature of this room.

Again most of us have the bed and other furniture already in place so this post deals with the small changes that can be made to introduce the country style theme into your existing bedroom.

1.  The Bed

If you are lucky enough to have a brass bed in your bedroom, you are already half way towards the country look.  They look great in a country bedroom.  If you have a regular non-framed bed, you can invest in a new bed head which is a very inexpensive way of changing the entire look of your bed.   If you bed has a wooden frame, this will fit well into the room but you could also paint the frame a nice pastel colour such as cream or duck egg blue.

2.  Layered Bed Clothes

Your bed clothes are one of the most important aspects of any bedroom.  The Country Style bed should be layered with throws, cushions and pillows to create that ‘want to dive into’ comfortable feel

3.  Mix Patterns & Colours

Your country style bedroom should not be too co-ordinated but should not look like it is all over the place either.  Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and colours

Florals, Stripes, Polka Dots and Gingham can all be mixed to great effect.  Patchwork is a great option for your country bedroom but cushions can be added to introduce colour and pattern also.  Don’t be afraid to experiment.  If you are nervous about trying this out take note of the following tips:

  • Use different patterns in the same colour.  This is a very safe way of playing with pattern. An example would be using green and cream stripes, green and cream florals and green and cream gingham in various parts of the room.
  • Have a common colour running through all the patterns being used.  For example if you have a blue and red striped bed cushion, have blue or red in the floral bed spread also.
  • The same pattern in different colours can look well also but make sure that they are the same type of colours e.g. pastels
  • Vary the size of your patterns, e.g. have large and medium sized patterns together or medium and small but ensure that the colour theme is running through them also.

Nothing spells country theme quite like floral prints.  They look  great on walls and on bed linen and as outlined can be mixed with other patterns for great effect.

If you want to achive the country theme very easily keep it simple and neutral with all aspects of the room and then go for a mad floral throw and bed accessories as in the above picture.

4.  Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great feature for all country style bedrooms. When using big prints such as in the picture below, I would suggest just covering one wall.  The other walls can be painted the background colour in the wallpaper. 

This rule would especially apply in small rooms.  You could cover all the walls with a more neutral paper with a smaller pattern such as in the below example.


The wallpaper in the below image makes a lovely statement as it is only on one wall.  The complementary paint on the other walls finishes the look and this duck egg blue colour is a lovely option for a relaxing bedroom.

5.  Paint Your Floorboards 

Okay this takes a bit of work but if you have wooden floor boards in your bedroom, painting them either cream or another relaxed pastel colour will really add country style.  This won’t cost a lot but if you are doing it yourself be patient and follow your paint retailer’s guidelines on getting it right.

6.  Pictures

Botanical pictures and other small reproductions look great in a country style bedroom.  Group them together symmetrically as in the below picture or put different sized pictures together on the same wall.  A quick tip for grouping this way is to imagine or use some tape to make an imaginary line.  Group the pictures in the same way over the line as those under the line.  This makes this look less chaotic and easier on the eye.

As with the kitchen pictures in a previous post, old postcards or calenders can be framed if the pictures suits for an economical option.

7.  Flowers

As with all rooms with a country theme, flowers are the perfect finishing touch.  Fresh or fake, flowers in your country bedroom look lovely.  Place them in a enamel or ceramic jug on the locker, sideboard or dressing table.  Match them to your colour theme or allow them to give a room a big splash of colour as in the above picture.  Flowers that look like they were growing wild in a hedgegrow give a lovely authentic county look.

I hope this have given you some small ideas on how to infuse the country theme into your bedroom.  Do you have any ideas for us or do you have a picture of your country style bedroom.  We would love to see it.

Until next time