Hi All,

I love Autumn.  Blackberries, gorgeous vibrant colours, crisp weather, shorter evenings, the smell of open fires all invoke that Autumn feeling.  It’s nice to make some small changes to your home to celebrate each season.  They don’t have to cost lots of money and chances are you have a lot of the items in your house or away in storage already.

1.  Take Out The Blankets

As the days get cooler, there’s nothing nicer than being able to cuddle up on the couch with a warm blanket so whip out the blankets for Autumn and on into Winter.  Fleece, Wool, Faux Fur and Cable Knit will all work so well.  You don’t even have to have them all over the couch, just fold them on the arm rests or place on a bean bag.  Burnt orange, Raspberry and Deep Green are great Autumn colours but if these don’t work with your decor don’t get too stressed about it.

2.  Autumn Wreath On Your Door

This is something our American friends are very good at but I don’t see why we in Ireland shouldn’t embrace the same trend.  I have a wreath at Christmas and even at Halloween so why not Autumn.  I think there is something so welcoming about a wreath on the door and it also adds a lovely splash of colour.  There are lots of sites online that give tips on how to make your own Autumn Wreath.  The below wreath is available to buy ready-made online in Ireland from website bakker-irl.com  I cannot vouch for this site as I have never used them myself and just found them on a search engine but I thought the wreath looks lovely and would be gorgeous on a front door.  It retails at EUR24.

3.  Display

  • Family photos of halloween can easily replace current options.  The children dressed up for halloween or the dog running in Autumn leaves would look great and would really add to the Autumn theme

  • Take your fruit out of the press or fridge and display it, especially Autumn fruits like apples and berries
  • Swap summer flowers in the centre of your table for Autumn options.  I carried orange roses on my wedding day so I do have a soft spot for Autumnal flowers.
  • Add an umbrella stand or coat stand to your doorway.  This is a very functional addition but also adds to the Autumn feel.  It doesn’t have to be a traditional stand but can be anything from a wicker basket to an enamel coal scuttle.

4.  Smell

Don’t just change the visual aspects of your home, allow it to smell of Autumn also:

  • Bake, Bake Bake.  If you’re like me the mixing bowls has cobwebs after the a Summer of rushing and racing.  Take it out again and get baking.  Buns, Scones, Berry Tarts Bread and Cookies will all add that lovely cosy aroma to your home.

  • Start cooking lovely soups and stews again.  Both the smell and and sight of lovely comfort food will really add to the Autumn ambiance.
  • Change your candles to Autumn colours and smells.  Cinnamon, Spice and Pumpkin options are good.

5.  Cushions

Cushions are a very easy way of introducing Autumn colours into your decor instantly.  It is well worth investing in cushion covers for different seasons.  I say cushion covers because they are so much easier to store when not  in use.  I, for one, have bin bags full of actual cushions taking up huge amounts of space in my attic.  Cushion covers in lovely Autumn colours using textured fabrics such as velvet, wool or bulky knits work very well.

6.  In The Bathroom

Swap towel and bath mats for more Autumnal shades and place some lovely candles and votives on available shelves.  Change fake or real flowers from summery colours to Autumnal hues.

7.  In The Bedroom

Adopt the same principles as other rooms in your bedroom.  Change cushion covers to textured options such as wool and faux fur in rich Autumnal colours.  Bring out snuggly throws made from similar textured material and place some candles and votives on available surfaces.

I hope I have given you some small ideas that will make your home ready for Autumn and we’d love to hear from you if you can add to our list of Autumn home ideas.

Until next time