Hi All,

Firstly, welcome to our first blog of 2012 and a big happy new year to one and all.  This is always the time of year when we are thinking about clearing out the house after Christmas and storage solutions are top of the agenda.  We’ve had a look and picked some of our favourite options and will also give our top storage tips:

  1. The first main rule of storage is don’t store it unless you really need it.  If you haven’t used or wore an item in a year or 18 months chances are you’ll never will use or wear it so let it have a second chance at life and sell it on ebay or give it to a charity shop.
  2. Be sensible about storage.  If you only use an item once a year store is in the attic but if you use something every day or week store it in your living space.  Also check if there is stuff taking up valuable storage in your living space that could be in the attic or in an outdoor shed or garage
  3. Ascertain what you need storage for.  Is it for books, clothes, general household items etc.  Do you need storage for shoes, bags and coats by the door or for a mountain of books that youwish to keep for future use.
  4. Under the stairs is a great place for storage and should never be wasted.  The below images are from an Irish company called Smart Storage.  I have not used their products but came across them in a publication and thought it looked like a brilliant storage solution.


5.  You need to think outside the box when deciding where to put shelving.  The below options are very clever.  The first one has built in shelves around a door and gives the room a lovely ‘den’ feel.  The second one is book storage in the hall, a space which can be very often overlooked.   Built in storage is expensive but brilliant.  It can fit into any alcove or space and can be tailored to your exact need so should never be underestimated.

6. Is storage a problem in your kitchen presses.  If so perhaps you could opt for attractive display storage such as the below counter food jars and vegetable store.  We covered this look in a previous blog about ‘How To Achieve A Country Style Kitchen’


7.  Attractive shelving is never out of place and the below options from Garden Trading are perfect for any room from a hall to a home office.  I think the cubby holes are a great option for a myriad of small items such as keys and wallets and they just look tidier when organised in a cubby hole, not to mention the fact that they are so much easier to find when you are rushing out the door.


The below shelves are an example in a child’s room and totally organise the ususal clutter.  If DIY is your thing, you could do great things with a set of wooden shelves and some wallpaper!!!

8.   Staying with children’s space they need a totallydifferent type of storage for books, toys and in our house small figures which seem to find their way everywhere!!  I love the below storage solutions from our good friends at www.jellybeangroup.com .  They offer perfect and above all easy storage for Children’s stuff whilst offering beautiful pieces of furniture also.

If you don’t wish to purchase custom made Children’s furniture we love the below option.  Baskets are great for achieving organised storage and it’s easy to achieve and easy on the pocket too!!

I hope this has given you some small bit of inspiration to find your perfect storage solution.

Until next time,