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I love country cottage decor here at The Home Barn but the Shabby Chic look also takes my fancy so I decided to delve into it a bit more to see exactly what it is and how it can be achieved.  Furniture and Accessories that make up the overall Shabby Chic look are chosen for their appearance of age or signs of wear and tear.  New items are distressed to achieve this antique look.  However, to separate it from a period look the Shabby Chic theme is also soft with a cottage feel, is feminine and romantic and above all spells comfort.


1.  Weather Worn Finishes

The background to any shabby chic decor is weather worn finishes that look lovely even with chipped paint.  All furniture and accessories should look like they have a history.  You can paint existing furniture to achieve this look.  Your paint job does not have to be perfect and in fact the more rustic it looks the better.


2.  Soft Colour Pallet

Shabby Chic colours are mostly soft and neutral and can range from off whites to duck egg and light pink. These colours can be used on furniture, walls and floor boards and time should be taken to find or make matching accessories.


3.  Chandeliers & Crystals

Chandeliers and Crystals are a great option for lighting and add that feminine romantic feel to your look and can be used in any room.


4.  Mix pattern in both fabrics and crockery. 

Decorative cushions with lace and layers can be mixed with floral designs for the authentic shabby chic vibe.  Showcase all your vintage or floral crockery in your home also.  Shabby Chic decor is less about one off items and more about small simple grouped items that should always follow a similar colour scheme


5.  Furniture should be placed for comfort and not in a formal way. 

Seating is key and should interact with other furniture in a way that spells lazy Sunday afternoon.  A couch in your kitchen is a good example of how this should work.

6.  Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are key to this look and should be used at every available opportunity.  They can be displayed in a milk jug, teapot or vase in any room or even outdoors.


As already mentioned, don’t be afraid to bring your shabby chic theme outdoors too.  Even if your garden furniture has been hit by the elements it will just add to its appeal.

7.  Display Kitchen Essentials

Gone is the milk carton or jam jar on the table, kitchen essentials should be placed in pretty glass storage containers if you are serious about achieving this look.


Shabby Chic Items At The Home Barn

True Blue Cushion   

    Parisienne Jewellery Drawer


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