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I came across an image of a gorgeous pink Smeg Fridge recently and it got me thinking about retro interiors.  Now I wouldn’t be a fan of the totally way out Austin Powers Retro vibe but do think that a little shot of it in your home can add a really fun and individual style to your interiors.  Basically Retro or Vintage Inpired interiors are decor and accessories that turn to the past for inspiration so the possibilities are endless and it is very possible to inject a little bit of this look into your home without embracing the whole trend.

Retro Accessories

Colour and Shape are very important when it comes to retro style.  The curved design and pop colours of these Smeg Fridges are a perfect example of the retro vibe as during the 1950s and 1960s round edges on kitchen accessories were very popular. 

Retro Smeg Fridges Retro Smeg Fridge

The pop colour theme is also present in the below retro inspired rooms as are some more vintage inspired accessories.  I’m loving the vintage radio and weighing scales.  I’m also loving the monochrome tiles and yellow accessories in the second image.

Retro Kitchen   Retro Kitchen 

The chrome island and stools as well as the vintage wall sign give this diner style kitchen a retro edge.  Chrome is a very retro feature but if it’s not your thing pop coloured accessories and furniture will work also.

Retro Kitchen

It’s as easy as pop coloured walls to give this bathroom that retro feeling.

Retro Bathroom

 From the sink and washing board to the wall prints and old fashioned bottles, this laundry room is a lovely example of vintage chic.

Retro Utility Room

Print & Pattern

Geometrical vibrant prints are the main theme running through retro design.  You could have just one chair in a fairly neutral room for your shot of retro or could go mad in a downstairs restroom with patterned wallpaper.  Diner style Red and Black are very popular colours for this theme also.

Retro Chair  Retro Flapper Wallpaper


Cool patterned tiles make a great style statement in this vintage style laundry room.

Retro Laundry Room

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and colours for maximum retro impact.

Vintage Signs

Vintage signs are a great way of injecting a bit of retro fun into your home.  They work best in the bathroom, downstairs restroom or kitchen and will add a lovely blast of retro.

These retro signs would look great in a kitchen as a group.

Retro Sign Retro Sign  Retro Sign

Vintage signs really brighten up the plain walls in the below images.

Retro Signs in Bathroom 

Retro Clocks

A statement clock is a great way to add a little bit of retro to your home.  The image below is taking this to the extreme but looks great none the less.

Retro Clocks


A Little Bit Retro at The Home Barn

Walk Cushion  Nextime Disco Clock  Nextime Testpage Clock

Nextime Spinning Time ClockIce Bucket With Scoop  Everything Stops For Tea Print

Village Show Print Bread Bin Diner Style Red Cake Tin Square Clay

Bathroom Sign  French Laundry Sign

I hope I have given you a few ideas on how to give your home a little bit of retro. 

Until next time