Hi All,

With Easter fast approaching, I have taken a little look around for some easy ways to give you home that Easter feeling.  Here are some of my favourites:

Easter Chair Back

I thought this looked gorgeous and is so easy.  They have just used a little basket filled with moss and topped with shiny Easter eggs.  A lovely bright ribbon has been tied around the basket and it has been tied to the chair with twine. 

Easter Chair Backs

Painted Eggs

Decorating Easter Eggs is a time honoured tradition.  The easiest way is probably to hard boil them and leave them to cool prior to painting them.  Paint one side first and leave to dry before attempting the other.  You could also place your egg on a candle holder to paint.  Obviously these eggs should be thrown out after easter and not eaten!!!  if you would prefer not to use real eggs there are a myriad of  artificial options in shops at the moment and most of them are well priced.

Decorated Easter Eggs will look great in a bowl with some Easter decorations such as in our example below.  I love the way these ones have been speckled with brown paint.  I loved the idea of the painted eggs in jars in the second image also.  They just used painted eggs and some dried grass.  These jars could be placed on a mantle piece or as a table centre piece.

Easter Eggs Easter Eggs in Jars

Eggs In A Wire Basket

I thought this was another lovely idea.  A narrow flower vase has been placed in an egg basket.  Flowers have been arranged in the vase and eggs arranged around the vase.  You could also opt for painted eggs and brighter flowers for a more colourful option.  Thisi would make a lovely table centre piece.

Easter Eggs in Basket

Easter Flowers

Nothing quite spells Easter like tulips and daffodils.  The below arrangements caught my eye.  The first one is using a tea pot and tea cup set as the theme for a lovely flower arrangement.  The second one has just used a sisel type material but any material could be used to cover a jam jar.  I think gingham or polka dots would look great too.  A lovely bright ribbon has been tied around it and a fresh cut lime has been placed at the bottom for decoration. ..Very pretty.

Easter Flowers  Easter Daffodils

Easter Daisy Decoration

The below is a very quick Easter decoration.  It could be used on its own or as one of a line.  Use a shot glass and fill it with water.  Cut the stem off a Gerbera Daisy and place on the shot glass.  Stick some gingham (or any colour ribbon) around a tea light and place on the flower and obviously never leave unattended.

Easter Gerbera Daisies

Easter Mantle Piece

I picked this mantle piece as it has a few nice ideas.  It is using tea light holders as egg holders for Easter.  It is also using some bare branches which can be easily decorated for Easter with little eggs or other decorations and finally it is bringing one of my favourites, lavender, into the house.  Lavender is a lovely nod to the Summer ahead.

Easter Mantle

Easter Table Decoration

These 2 options would take about 5 minutes each.  The first one would look great in a line at the centre of your Easter dinner table.  Take a small serving dish and place a glass on it with a tea light inside.  Tie a flower to the glass using an elastic band.  The second option uses a large and a small bun case in an egg cup to make it look like a flower.  Small sweets are then placed inside.  This one would be a great hit with the smallies I’m sure and could be placed at each place setting.

Easter Table Decor  Easter Eggcup Flowers

Easter Umbrella

My facebook followers will recognise this one.   I just love it.  Now I’m not sure how easy it would be to replicate but basically an umbrella has been filled with a bunch of Spring flowers, Eggs and other Easter decorations, tied with a gingham ribbon and pinned to the front door.  This could not fail to impress Easter guests, just gorgeous.

Easter Umbrella

For Easter At The Home Barn

Daisy Picks From Birchcraft  Birdhouse Box  Easter Box

Flower Garalnd  HappyEaster Frieze  Oval Flower Decorations

Happy Birthday Cake Decoration  Easter Egg Hunt Start Post  Floral Oilcloth

Chocolate Print

And on that note, I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter……

Until next time