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When you are living in the same decor for a long period of time, it’s hard to see what changes need to be made to give your decor a bit of a lift.  The kitchen is especially guilty of this.  That dirty wall or worn out worktop just blend in with the decor, never identifying themselves as the problem.  The best thing to do is to break down your decor and pick out the offenders and see how you can best change them economically.

Paint Your Kitchen

Walls, architraves, doors and even furniture can all be painted.  Paint is the quickest update tool out there.  You can paint all walls or can mix colours by painting one wall a different colour to the rest.  Pantry Green from Dulux is a particular favourite of mine for kitchens. 

Cream Kitchen  Green Kitchen

When painting kitchen presses, get good advice or leave it to the professionals.  There is a bit of work in it and it does have to be done right to look great.  You can think outside the box here too and not stick to traditional cream.  There are gorgeous shades of greens, blues and greys that will really impress.

Dulux Paints  Dulux Paint

The Dulux images above are a great example of h0w different paint colours can totally change the look of the same room.

Change Your Tiles

You can change all the tiles in your kitchen or just the backsplash.  This can be a very inexpensive way of updating your kitchen.

Kitchen Tiles  Kitchen Tiles

You can see how the options above and below really brighten up the space.

Kitchen Tiles  Kitchen tiles

Change The Door Knobs On Your Presses

Kitchen door knobs are often the first sign of age in a kitchen but they are so easy to change.  Bring your old ones with you to the shop and pick a similar size option.  I would advise buying one and bringing it home and trying it out on one press before investing in door knobs for the whole kitchen.  Leave it on the door for a day or two before finalising your decision.

Kitchen door knobs

Change Your Counter Top

If your worktop has seen better days, change it or paint it.  I came across a new product recently called Giani Granite which is a granite paint for countertops and is a very cost effecient way of achieving that longed for granite look without breaking the bank.  It seems to come in a DIY kit and can be used on most countertops including formica.  I have not tried it but would love to hear if anybody has.  You can check out the website at www.gianigranite.com for information and stockists.  The below images are from their webite so it looks fairly impressive.

Giani Granite  Giani Granite

Create A Blackboard Wall Or Door

I love this idea.  If you have a fairly bright kitchen and have a small spare wall or door you can always paint it with blackboard paint.  It is a fun and practical way to update your kitchen and the kids will love it too.  Blackboard paint is available in most good DIY stores or online.  You can also buy magnetic blackboard paint which allows you to affix notes with magnets also.

Kitchen Blackboard Paint  Kitchen chalk wall

Wallpaper The Back Of Display Presses

I have tried this option and it is so easy yet so impressive.  Use some left over wallpaper or invest in a roll and stick to the back of your display press with bluetack or any sticky material.  It really brightens up the look of the press and makes the items inside stand out more also.

kitchen wallpaper display kitchen wallpaper display cabinet

Change Your Accessories

Possibly the easiest way to update your kithen is to invest in some new accessories. A new kettle, toaster, bread bin, clock or even picture can make all the difference.  You could also invest in a new shelf to display some existing or new accessories or storage jars.  This will add a new dimension to your kitchen and will bring life to a bare wall.

Kitchen Storage  kitchen accessories

Quick Kitchen Updates At The Home Barn (click on images for more details)

Au Maison Tea Cosy  Egg Basket  Red Retro Bread Bin

Nextime Rainbow Clock  Nextime Chef Clock

Compost Bucket  Clay Compost Bucket Slate Spice Rack With Jars

Antique Blackboard      Wall Print

Bread Bin  Biscuit Tin   Cake Tin

Dots Latte OilclothPaisley Oilcloth  Scarlett Red Oilcloth

Until next time….happy updating!!

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