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I have been trying to get around to this blog for a while so here goes.  I love the whole industrial decorating vibe so I decided to look into this very trendy style a little bit more.  Industrial decor takes elements of industry into your home.  The colours, elements and furnishings all nod to those you would expect to see in industrial warehouses but are softened down for the home.  It is all about raw rough surfaces, unfinished walls and steel furnishings.

Industrial Style Kitchen Industrial Style Bathroom

The above rooms use natural wood and brick to achieve the industrial look.  The kitchen has steel light fittings and furnishings to further embrace the trend and both use the industrial neutral colour pallet.  The look is softened by colour and the gorgeous white bath in the bathroom.  It is very important to soften the industrial look with upholstery, flowers or pictures.  A slightly aged look such as the worn counter top above is another important element of this style.

Industrial Diner Style Kitchen

This bistro style kitchen uses recycled shelving and even filing cabinet effect storage to achieve the look.  Recycling is a very important element of industrial design.  Old filing cabinets, vintage school desks or old steel sewing machines will fit in well to the overall scheme.

Industrial Living Room

This very comfortable living room uses rugs and cushions to soften its industrial base.

Industrial Style Office Industrial Style Sitting Room

The above living room is mixing country and industrial trends.  The lighting and filing cabinet effect storage unit is very much industrial and fits in very well with the otherwise country style decor.

Industrial Style Loft

This very industrial style loft has also embraced vintage style by adding pop pink accessories and a smeg fridge.

Industrial Decor With Blackboard Industrial Counter

Blackboard walls work well with the industrial trend also.

Industrial Kitchen Industrial Kitchen With White Tiles

I adore the exposed brick in the above kitchen.  This look is industrial yet very warm.  The second image is more clinical with white tiles and industrial steel lighting.  A bit of colour would add to this room I think.

Industrial Bedroom

The exposed brick gives this bedroom the industrial vibe.  However, all other furnishings in the room spell comfort showing that industrial does not have to mean cold.  Different styles can be mixed very successfully and in this instance an exposed brick wall is enough to add an industrial vibe to an otherwise country style bedroom.

These clocks from Nextime would add a quick shot of industrial chic to your home:

Plug In Clock Chef Clock from Nextime  -  EUR42  Retro Clock

This lighting from Garden Trading also available through The Home Barn would also add to your industrial style:

Industrial Lighting Industrial Lighting Industrial Lighting

I’ll be back soon with my Father’ s Day Blog for all the lovely Daddys out there….

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