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I hope the ‘Summer’ is treating you well.  Our Summer holidays were spent in France and I thought their gorgeous interior style was worthy of a blog.  We  many not get the sun as they do but you can still introduce elements of their gorgeous style into your home to bring a little bit of ‘je ne sais quoi’ to you interiors.

Rustic Style

Rustic is the best way to describe French style interiors.  Rusted metal furniture, light fixtures and furniture coupled with old world charm and a welcoming feel is the desired theme.

French Rustic Style French Rustic Chairs

I love the brick wall and steel finish to the sink in the image above.   The image next to it has a lovely shabby chic vibe which is very French in style.

French Rustic Kitchen

The above image has it all, the beams the rustic sink and fresh flowers.  It’s just beautiful.

French Style Living Room

The tiled floors above perfectly complement the rustic candleabra as well as the fresh white soft furnishings.

Natural Materials

French style is all about natural materials.  Linen cushions and bed linen,  Brick walls and Tiled Floors all spell this theme so well.

French Style Bedroom French Style Utility Room

French Stove French Country Bedroom

Dining Table

The dining table both indoors and out is a very important part of French homes.  Buffed wooden tabletops are often found but they can also be covered by brightly coloured tablecloths especially ones with French style motifs such as the rooster, sunflowers, lavender or olives.

French Style Dining Table  French Tablecloths



The French love their shutters.  They have a practical use in their hot climate but they use them as a lovely design feature also.  They are often coloured bright colours or some opt for a shabby chic finish.

French blue shutters French Door & Shutters


Flowers are everywhere in France.  They grace window sills, town centres and road sides.  Geraniums and Lavender are the most common and are also 2 of my favourites and wild flowers grow everywhere in the Summer.

French Geraniums French Shutters

French Lavender French Wild Flowers


Cockerel Utensil Holder  Floral Notice Board  Paris Chocolate Distressed Picture

Breakfast Hen Tablecloth    Le Jardin botanique Cushion  Home Sweet Home Cushion

Heart Blackboard With Hooks  French Enamel Candleholder  Parisienne Sewing Box

French Blue Metal Kitchen Sign    Cream Jug  Compost Bucket Gooseberry

Until next time…..Vive La France


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