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The season has changed I think it is always lovely to reflect this change in your home.  Autumn / Winter is all about long nights, short days, cosy fireside and home cooked food.  There are a few very small changes that you can make to your home to make your decor cosy and inviting.


Change your accessories to deeper hues.  Cushions, tablecloths, bedding and even curtains can take on an Autumn / Winter vibe in lovely rusts, reds and cosy greens.

Autumn Living Room Autumn Kitchen

Cosy Decor


We all have loads of blankets and rugs hanging around the house.  Use them in the Autumn / Winter.  Fold them over a couch armrest, place on a beanbag or over a bed for a quick cosy fix.  This is functional decor too as there is nothing nicer than cuddling up in a blanket on the couch on a cold evening.  You could also keep a nice rug in your porch for cuddling into when sitting outside.

Cosy Blankets Cosy Outdoor Blankets

Chair Blankets


Candles create a lovely cosy mood.  Place them on manlepieces, window sills or dressers in the kitchen, bathroom, livingroom or hall (out of reach of children of course!!) to give a lovely cosy ambiance to your home.  T-lights can also be placed in your fireplace if you are not lighting it to create a cosy mood.  Scented candles in cinnamon, pumpkin or berry options will really add something to your home also.

Autumn Candles Autumn Candle Display


We all have some form of a fireside be it an open fire, gas / electric option or stove.  Make it a cosy focalpoint with candles and lovely fire accessories.

Fireside Log Carrier & Firelighter Box

Cosy Couch Blankets


Take in all the senses with seasonal candles and home baking which will all add to the Autumn / Winter ambiance in your home.

Home Baking


Don’t forget the outside.  Paint the garden bench, plant some Autumn / Winter bedding plants and start to feed the birds again.  There is nothing nicer than lots of birds in the garden when the leaves have gone.

Bird House Feeding Birds

Winter Bedding Plants will look great from indoors also.

Winter Bedding Plants

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