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Firstly I would like to extend every good wish for 2013 to you all.  It’s that time of year again when we are all thinking about new year resolutions and how we can improve our lifestyle in 2013.  Your home should not be neglected in these plans.  Make a little list of all those things that you would like to do to your home in 2013 and think about how they can be achieved.  Sometimes the best part is shopping around and checking out magazines and the internet for inspiration.  Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

1.  Paper That Wall

Is there a wall in your house that you have always planned on papering.  With the winter sales on, now is the time to do it.  When choosing wallpaper, look at the room as a whole.  If the curtains, furniture or flooring are too busy opt for a very plain wallpaper and if the opposite is the case, you can go a bit mad on the walls.

Floral Wallpaper Patchwork Wallpaper

2.  Upholster That Chair

Have you inherited a chair from your Mother’s house, found a lovely second hand option that you loved the shape of or are you just sick of your existing options??  Don’t dispair, upholstering may be the answer to your problem.  Decide where you are going to put this chair before you choose a material.  Is it going to be used a lot or is it going to be in a spare room just for show.  This will determine the quality of material required as well as the favoured colour scheme.

Uphostered Chair Gingham Chair

3.  Paint That Furniture.

You can completely change the look of a piece of furniture by painting it.  Chairs, lockers and shelving to mention but a few can all be painted to look like new.  There are some great furniture painting courses available all over the country at the moment, many of them in conjunction with shops that supply Annie Sloan chalk paint.  If you live in Cork check out http://thepaintpot.ie/ for workshops.

Painted Dresser

4.  Look for Easy Storage Solutions

Storage is always a popular topic at this time of year.  Most of us have a little bit of time over Christmas to clear out presses and wardrobes and putting away the decorations always makes us think about storage.

  • Be ruthless.  If the item of clothing or pair of shes hasn’t been worn in the past 12 to 18 months, chances are it will never see the light of day again so give it away to charity or host a swap night with friends and family.
  • The same goes for household items such as pictures, vases and lamps.  If they are collecting dust in the attice or taking up much needed space in storage cupboards, give them away.
  • Charity shops are always looking for books and unless you are 100% sure you will read that book again, give it away.
  • Invest in some vaccum bags.  They are a great space saving device.
  • Have you any alcoves in bedrooms that could be cordened off with a small curtain.  This is a very cost effecient way of hiding storage.
  • Check all storage items in your home and ensure that they are being correctly utilised.  Is there a blanket box full of toys or clothes that can be cleared out and placed in a bedroom for example.
  • Invest in some inexpensive storage bags that will look great if placed in a bedroom or playroom
  • Think about placing overdoor high shelving in utility rooms or bedrooms

Closet Curtain Blanket box

Storage Bags

5.  Get Crafty

Get your DIY hat on and try using stencils to decorate furniture and walls or making something simple like a coat hook.

Stencils Spring crafty 3

Coat Hooks

6.  Buy Some Flowers

Make it a new year resolution to have fresh flowers in your home.  They will instantly change the feel of the room and brighten your mood.

spring flowers

What are your new year resolutions for your home??

Until next time

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