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Hi All,

The minute the sun makes an appearance in this country, we all start to think about our gardens. Here are some simple tips to get your garden Summer ready.

Bring The Inside Out!!
Bring cushions and throws outside for a lovely cosy Summer vibe:

Summer Day Bed Bring The Inside Out

Get Out The Paint Brush
Lovely bright paint can really add something to jaded fences and patio furniture. There are lovely bright options available in all DIY stores now so don’t be afraid to go for a lovely bright option:

Summer Shed

Make A Feature Out Of Your Garden Shed
The garden shed is a focal point in most gardens. Don’t be afraid to decorate your garden shed in style. Paint it, hang some flowers or pretty signs and if you’re feeling very adventurous, experiment with some stencils:

Green Garden Shed White Garden Shed

Create Some Unusual Planters
Think outside the box when it comes to plant containers. These can make a great talking point and will look very eclectic also. Think teapots, chairs, jugs or watering cans to mention a few:

Chair Planter

Wheel Barrow Planter Watering Can Planters

Outdoor Dining
Al Fresco dining is a lovely Summer activity. Decorate your table in style using a rustic or country theme:

Summer Entertaining Rustic Summer Table

Night Lights
Night Lights are such a lovey idea for Summer entertaining. Hang over or on tables or place along your driveway to welcome guests:

Summer Night Lights

Lets keep our fingers crossed that the sun will stay shining so that we can all get to use our lovely Summer gardens this year.

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Hi All,

You might not always think it if you’re living in Ireland but the Summer is here and one Summer trend that I absolutely love is the Nautical trend. It is always on trend for this time of year and even if you don’t have a home overlooking the sea, you can still introduce elements of this Summer look to your home.

The Nautical Theme

Boats, fish and shells all spell Nautical.  Anything that you would expect to find near to the sea really.  The 2 images below show lovely ways to introduce these elements into your home.

Nautical Window Sill Nautical Mirror

Shells can be used very successfully to  make a lovely table centrepiece or mantle piece decoration also.

Nautical Table Decor

The light fittings, signs and lovely pastel colours work very well at achieving the coastal mood in the below kitchen images.

Nautical kitchen  

Nautical Colours

Red, Blue and White really spell Nautical.  Stars and Stripes really lend themselves to this trend also.

Nautical Sitting Room  Nautical Bedroom Nautical Bedroom

The 2 images from Lexington below show these colours in use very well.  Lexington does this trend very well and I think the patio image below is just beautiful.  The tablecloth and distressed cladding on the house are both great examples of how to achieve this look.

Lexington Nautical Lexington

Nautical Maps

A nautical map is a great way of introducing this trend into your home.  You can do this through nautical prints or wallpaper.

Nautical Decor  Nautical Map

nautical wallpaper

Distressed Wood

Distressed wood especially in the outdoor space is a great way of achieving the Nautical Trend.  It is very New England and gives the impression of wave and weather beaten materials.  The gorgeous kitchen below shows how the distressed wood look can also be brought indoors and the hammock below is another lovely nautical feature.

Nautical Patio

Nautical Decor

Nautical Hammock


Is any nautical theme complete without some homemade lemonade.  Here is a very simple recipe to try:

Homemade Lemonade


  • 1 cup of sugar (can reduce if you feel it is too sweet)
  • 1 cup of lemon juice
  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 to 3 cups of water to dilute
  • Heat the sugar and one cup of water in a saucepan until the sugar is dissolved
  • Squeeze 4 to 6 lemons until you have enough juice to fill one cup
  • Place the sugared water and lemon juice in to a jug and add the additional water to dilute (dilute to taste)
  • If you still feel it is too sweet add some more lemon juice
  • Place in the fridge for 30 to 40 mins
  • Serve with slices of lemon and ice


Thermometer Clay Gone Fishing Sign  Miners Lantern Shutter Blue

gone sailing sign  Fishing Light  8 inch barometer clay

Miners Lantern Clay   Glass Carrier  Red Retrospot Picnic  Bag

Happy Coastal Living!!

Until next time



Hi All,

There was definitely a bit of Summer in the air in Cork today so it got me thinking (at last) about how to bring a bit of Summer into your home.  It’s really nice to make a few changes to your home with each season and accessories make it so easy to do.

In The Bedroom.

All it takes in the bedroom is a crisp floral or bright coloured duvet set.  These light colours will complement most wall colours.  A few matching cushions or a throw will finish the Summer look.  I loved the examples below.  They just make you think of long summer days and longed for sunshine.

Summer Bedding Summer Bedroom

In The Hallway or Porch

This is the first area of the home that people see.  A nice floral cushion and seasonal sign will go a long way to bring Summer into this area.

Summer Hallway

In The Kitchen

You could go as far as to change your wall colour with each season.  However, if you are not that dedicated, a new seasonal tablecloth will do the job very nicely.   Light colours, polka dots, stripes or floral designs will all work and a few seat cushions will add to your theme.  Fresh flowers are also a must for Summer.  You may be lucky enough to have them growing in you garden.  Otherwise invest in a bunch regularly throughout the Summer.  It’s a great way to bring the outside in.

Summer Kitchen

In The Living Room

Pick a summer colour that will go with your walls, couch and flooring and invest in some cushions, a throw, a candle or a vase in variations of this colour to give your living room a Summer splash.  You could also invest in Summer curtains.  It’s a really nice change and it doesn’ t have to be a huge investment.  Ready made curtains with a nice summer feel will work a treat and it really changes the look of the room.

Summer Sitting Room summer sitting room

Just because you are not lighting the fire does not mean that your fireplace needs to be neglected.  Place a bunch of flowers in front of it along with some of your favourite accessories or candles to Summer it up a bit.  I also loved the flower arrangement below.  The lemons are a lovely touch and make you instantly think of homemade lemonade.

Summer Fireplace Summer Flowers

Nautical Theme

The nautical theme is so on trend this year.  Accessories in blue and white stripes, with stars, with boats and with sea gulls will all infuse this popular trend into your home.  A white background and shabby chic style form a really good base for this style as does a splash of red.  I am planning to dedicate a full blog to this trend in the very near future so keep an eye out for that.

Summer Nautical Kitchen Summer Cape Cod

Paint A Chair

If you’re not getting the Summer Feeling in your house and feel that there is a piece of furniture that is dampening the mood, get out your paint brush.  Give a chair, table, shelving unit or dresser a new lease of life and the great thing about upcycling is that is is very cost effecient.  I just love the green chair below which is a great example of this trend.

Summer Painted Chair

To The Garden

We all hope that we’ll get to spend a bit of extra time in the garden over the Summer months.  Us Irish really take advantage when the sun does come out and you’ll smell the barbeques when the first ray of sunshine appears.  Invest in some cushions for those fine days.  They will liven up a weather beaten bench and are more comfortable too.  Paint that shed.  It can be a really nice feature in your garden.  Get a nice sign for it or if you are feeling very adventurous decorate it with nice curtains, bunting and bedding plants.

Summer Bench Summer Shed

And then there is al fresco dining (when we can).  My facebook followers will recognise the 2 images below.  I loved their simplicity and they would be so easy to replicate using existing items in the home.  I especially like the use of a throw / quilt as a tablecloth in the first one.  Fresh Flowers, lanterns and bread baskets have all been taken outside also.

Summer Garden Summer Outdoor Table

Summer Flowers

Summer At The Home Barn

Red Retrospot Picnic Bag Gone Fishing Sign Citronella Garden Candle

Gone Sailing Sign Weatherproof Clock Potting Shed Sign

Holkham Barbeque Classic Cafe TableclothPatchwork Bunting Cushion

Butterfly Crochet Food Cover Miners Lantern Catherine Bedding

Happy Summer Decorating!!

Kind regards,